Asia Racing Team offers a wide variety of driving experiences at the Zhuhai International Circuit, PR China. Our Racing School is the only formal driver training course recognized by both the Hong Kong Automobile Association (HKAA) and the Associação Geral Automóvel Macau-China (AAMC).
Applications are open to male and female drivers at least 16 years old. Introductory courses will familiarize students with a fundamental understanding of the Formula Renault 2.0 and upon graduation will be able to return and participate in open practice sessions.

One-Day Intensive Course

Whether your goal is to become the next Formula 1 Champion or you’re looking for the sheer pleasure of a good weekend’s racing this experience is for you. Under the guidance of two professional race instructors, this experience offers the most comprehensive motor racing training program utilizing only the most modern cars and equipment. This will be full-day motorsport experience training full of action and speed on a serviced 2009-production Formula Renault 2.0. All instruction, gear, equipment, lunch and refreshments are included. You will also be accommodated for one night at a premium hotel nearby to maximize your time on the track. At the end of the experience, we will receive a Certificate of Completion that will entitle you to apply for a racing license.

  •  Briefing of the Formula Renault 2.0’s electronic dashboard and cockpit controls.
  •  Proper driving position with seat and safety harness fitting.
  •  Stationary gear change exercise (moving up and down the 6-speed sequential gearbox).
  •  Proper braking technique and left foot braking tuition.
  •  Corner tutorials (all major corners tackled).
  •  Proper steering technique, understanding the racing lines.
  •  Multi-lap driving with professional race instructors guiding you.

One-Day Advanced Course

The next step! If you are really looking forward to embarking in a racing career or you simply want to learn how to take your driving skills to the next level on a challenging but safe environment then this experience is for you! Those who completed successfully the One-Day Intensive Course will now take on the 2013 spec Formula Renault 2.0; an ultra-modern 7-gear paddle shift single seater. This time out the focus is on unlocking the participants’ racing skills. The performance on circuit is staggering and provides a new challenge with the increased levels of grip and higher speeds. The in-depth data analyses you will be able to optimize the overall performance and improve with objective measurement

  • Introduction to the car’s more complex electronic dashboard and cockpit controls
  • Proper driving position and seat and safety harness fitting
  • Stationary paddle shift gear change.
  • Racing Line optimisation.
  • Performance extraction focus.
  • In-depth Data Analysis.

4-Lap Experience

Led by a professional Formula racing driver, you will be driving a one-seater Formula Renault 2.0 at the Zhuhai International Circuit. Control your Formula racing car and enjoy the speed as much as you like in this Formula experience. It is 30-minute racing experience, with 15-minutes of kit-fitting and car introduction and 15-minutes of on track action. Your professional Formula racing driver will give you a briefing on how to drive a Formula racecar and be your track leader. This 4-lap experience package provides a fantastic introduction into the art of track driving with a proper racing car.

2-Seater Experience

Ever wondered what is would be like to experience a car’s full potential at the hands of a professional racing driver! All the G-force, adrenaline and squint-eyed terror of competition-speed driving, without the worry of taking the wheel yourself. Feel the speed of motor racing while safely buckled inches from the ground on board Asia’s one and only 2-Seater Formula car. Ably driven by a professional motorsport race driver, passengers (1 to 3 pax per 30 minute session) are ensured of the utmost level of excitement and safety while on board.

Customize Experience

Rich in motorsport history, ASIA RACING TEAM Racing School offers you the opportunity to learn and drive a real single-seater racecar. Over the years it has developed custom group experiences with two or more days that engages the senses, teach the basics of driving racing cars, and showcases the beauty of motor racing experiences. Do not hesitate to contacts us if you’ve in mind to organize your Corporate Event or a Group Course for your friends or colleagues.